Altecnic 15mm Mixing Valve TMV2/3 CA-100822

Altecnic 15mm Mixing Valve TMV2/3 CA-100822
Merchant mixing valve - Art 5213 Thermostatic Mixing Valves / Merchant Mixing Valves The Merchant failsafe thermostatic mixing valve has been specifically designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the latest national health service model engineering specification - D08 and BS 7942 for use in care homes. Specification Temperature setting range : 30 – 50°C Temperature stability : ±2°C Max. working pressure (static) : 10 bar Max. working pressure (dynamic ): 5 bar Max. inlet temperature : 85°C Max. inlet pressure ratio (H/C or C/H) : 6:1 Minimum temperature difference between the inlet hot water and the outlet mixed water to ensure anti-scald performance : 10°C Minimum flow rate for stable operation : 4 l/min Service kit available