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  1. June 27, 2022

    Is it time to switch to an electric fire?


    Five Reasons to Make the Switch to an Electric Fire

    If you've always wanted a fireplace, or have a 'real' one and are fed up with the hassle and maintenance, we've compiled our top five benefits of having an electric fire.

    1. The Rising Cost of Living

    With energy bills rising, many people are looking for ways to reduce their use of central heating. An electric fire is a very effective way of heating just the room you're in, without sky-high fuel bills. Whilst the obvious place is in the living room, with more of us now working from home, installing one in your home office is a perfect way to stay warm while keeping heating bills down. They are far more efficient than a 'real' fire as no heat is lost through the chimney.

    2. Safety

    Traditional fireplaces can be beautiful, but hazardous and it can be stressful

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  2. June 06, 2022

    How a Wood Burner Can Take your Summer Nights to the Next Level


    How a wood burner can take your summer nights to the next level

    Picture the scene - it has been a glorious summer's day and the sun is just going down. You're sitting in the garden, drink in hand and listening to the soft crackle of your garden fire, which is keeping the chill at bay and making you feel snug and cosy.

    This idyllic scene is easily recreated in your garden simply by adding a wood burner. More and more people have been adding wood burners to their homes and gardens in recent years. But what benefits can a wood burner bring and how will it help you maximise a hazy summer night?

    You can make the most of your garden for longer

    There is no denying that in Great Britain, summer evenings can still carry a bit of a chill. Adding a wood burner to your garden enables you to make the most out of your outdoor space, not just

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  3. May 11, 2022

    Why Choose a AIC SILOX Hot Water Cylinder

    As energy bills spiral amid the cost of living crisis, people across the country are looking for ways to save cash. A properly insulated and efficient hot water cylinder has long been considered an effective and simple way of saving money. These insulated tanks store water after it has been heated by the main boiler and give you access to hot water without having to constantly and repeatedly switch on the heating system.

    The AIC Silox Hot Water Cylinder has several advantages over the traditional domestic hot water coil cylinder, thanks mainly to its innovative twin-wall tank-in-tank stainless steel design. This also makes it a good low-loss option as a heat pump cylinder. The AIC Silox promises superior heat transfer and reheat time of Domestic Hot

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