How a wood burner can take your summer nights to the next level

Picture the scene - it has been a glorious summer's day and the sun is just going down. You're sitting in the garden, drink in hand and listening to the soft crackle of your garden fire, which is keeping the chill at bay and making you feel snug and cosy.

This idyllic scene is easily recreated in your garden simply by adding a wood burner. More and more people have been adding wood burners to their homes and gardens in recent years. But what benefits can a wood burner bring and how will it help you maximise a hazy summer night?

You can make the most of your garden for longer

There is no denying that in Great Britain, summer evenings can still carry a bit of a chill. Adding a wood burner to your garden enables you to make the most out of your outdoor space, not just in summer but all year round. A wood burner can be the perfect finishing touch to a seating area. It can help to create an outdoor entertaining space where family and friends can come together to enjoy each other's company while staying nice and cosy, allowing you to socialise late into the night. From toasting marshmallows to playing board games around the garden fire, the possibilities for wholesome family fun are endless.

Adds a certain style to your garden

Not only does a wood burner help you to enjoy your garden for longer, but it also adds a stylish and sophisticated feel to your space, whether it is in use or not. Today's wood burners are attractive to look at, not to mention how calming it is to watch the softly flickering embers burn. Place one within your garden seating area and it will provide a focal point. There are many different types and styles of wood burner available today, from traditional to ultra-modern, so you can choose the wood burner garden style for you. With a wood burner garden space is instantly given a cosy and inviting ambience.

It is quick and easy to use

A wood burner offers a really effective heat output. They are fairly simple and easy to use too; simply add some wood and get the fire started. They start emitting an intense heat really quickly, making them a highly effective heat source in the garden as well as the home. Wood burners are also one of the most energy-efficient sources around. The wood used as fuel is usually fairly pocket-friendly so with bills on the rise, adding a wood burner to your garden can reduce the need for heating your home and save you cash which can be spent instead on enjoying summer evenings with family and friends.

A garden fire can help keep bugs at bay

Summer is the prime time for bugs to be out and about. Mosquitoes and flies can often blight a beautiful summer's night, causing irritation, as well as itchy bites and stings. A wood burner can deter such bugs as they really don't like even a hint of smoke. By using slightly damp wood on your wood burner garden bugs are more likely to leave you in peace to enjoy your evening.