Five Reasons to Make the Switch to an Electric Fire

If you've always wanted a fireplace, or have a 'real' one and are fed up with the hassle and maintenance, we've compiled our top five benefits of having an electric fire.

1. The Rising Cost of Living

With energy bills rising, many people are looking for ways to reduce their use of central heating. An electric fire is a very effective way of heating just the room you're in, without sky-high fuel bills. Whilst the obvious place is in the living room, with more of us now working from home, installing one in your home office is a perfect way to stay warm while keeping heating bills down. They are far more efficient than a 'real' fire as no heat is lost through the chimney.

2. Safety

Traditional fireplaces can be beautiful, but hazardous and it can be stressful keeping children and pets safe. It's not only the flames themselves that are the issue, but the surround and even the fireguard can get very hot, very quickly. Electric fires produce no fumes at all and are very safe. Despite the fact they provide heat for a room, they're less of a hazard for tiny hands although children should always be supervised when the fire is in use.

3. Low Maintenance

Traditional fireplaces produce soot and ash and need a constant supply of coal or wood. The ash in the grate needs cleaning out regularly and the accumulated soot in the chimney, if not removed, will direct smoke downwards back into your room and may become a fire hazard. Wood can be expensive and whilst you can try and forage your own, this is a lot of work and takes a long time to dry out and be 'burn ready'. With an electric fire, you get all the benefits of a fireplace, without any of the hassle or mess. Simply plug it in and enjoy the warmth. Many models emulate calming flickering flames.

4. Better for the Environment

It's pretty clear to see that electric fires are better for the environment. They do not produce any smoke or fumes and require no wood or coal in order to function. They give you all the benefits of a traditional fireplace, with a reduced carbon footprint and a greener use of energy.

5. Easy to Install and Use

The sheer flexibility of electric fires is one of their major advantages. They can be installed easily in almost any room, on virtually any wall in your home, and if you need the heat somewhere else, they're easy to move. You don't need a chimney or flue in the room in which you're installing it, nor do you need a gas installation. Heating & Plumbing World can fit your electric fire into your existing surround, or you can choose one with its own surround to fit flat against the wall.

There are many more benefits to electric fires, and Heating & Plumbing World has the range of fires and expertise to help you choose the perfect one for your home. If you're after a low maintenance, greener, stylish, efficient way of heating your living space, this might be just what you're looking for.