As energy bills spiral amid the cost of living crisis, people across the country are looking for ways to save cash. A properly insulated and efficient hot water cylinder has long been considered an effective and simple way of saving money. These insulated tanks store water after it has been heated by the main boiler and give you access to hot water without having to constantly and repeatedly switch on the heating system.

The AIC Silox Hot Water Cylinder has several advantages over the traditional domestic hot water coil cylinder, thanks mainly to its innovative twin-wall tank-in-tank stainless steel design. This also makes it a good low-loss option as a heat pump cylinder. The AIC Silox promises superior heat transfer and reheat time of Domestic Hot Water (DHW). This is achieved not only through the unique twin-wall design but also thanks to the use of stainless steel.

How does the AIC Silox work?

The AIC Silox has two cylindrical tanks; a smaller one that itself sits inside a larger tank. The outer cylinder is heated and energy is transferred to the smaller cylinder inside to produce DHW. The large surface area of the outer tank helps it to achieve a faster heating time than traditional domestic coil heated options.

Hot water cylinders also need good insulation to help boost energy efficiency, meaning the energy needed to reheat water is reduced. AIC Silox cylinders are treated with a direct mould injection system to provide superior thermal insulation, which results in extremely low heat energy loss. The injection means manufacturers have been able to achieve a uniform level of insulation around the entire cylinder, providing optimum thermal protection. The AIC Silox has a corrugated design on its internal tank, which allows the walls of the cylinder to expand and contract during heating. This action helps to reduce the formation of limescale on the surface of the cylinder.


Other Benefits 

Other benefits of the AIC Silox come thanks to its precision manufacturing. Special welding procedures are used and all metal surfaces in the cylinders are pickled and passivated to make them more resistant to damaging and harmful corrosion. Its resistance to corrosion is further boosted by the use of high-quality stainless steel made up of chromium, nickel and molybdenum. This stainless steel alloy is also resistant to corrosion caused by chlorine found in drinking water. Stainless steel has also been put through numerous hygiene tests which have shown it to be an ideal material for use in domestic hot water cylinders.

Inspection and maintenance of the AIC Silox is simplified, thanks to a DHW inspection port, while an easy-to-read control panel offers an on/off switch, thermometer, control thermostat and operating indicators. An extra level of protection is offered in the fact that all Silox models have a connection for an optional backup heater.



AIC Silox models come in a range of hot water cylinder sizes, including 180, 215, 600 and 1,000 litres so you can find the right one for your home or business. You need to select the right size cylinder to cater to the needs of your hot water system and Silox's broad range will help enable you to do just that.