Saunier Duval

Here at Heating & Plumbing World, we stock a wide range of Saunier Duval boiler parts such as the printed circuit board for their range of boilers. As boiler research and development has developed over the years, manufacturers have become adept at designing increasingly energy-efficient appliances, meaning that it is vital that you purchase Saunier Duval boiler spares for the specific model you own, otherwise they are either not likely to operate safely or as efficiently. Simply purchasing any Saunier Duval boiler spares regardless of the model is unlikely to work. The Glowworm printed circuit board is one of the most important of the Saunier Duval boiler parts that we carry, as it is responsible for providing messages to the boiler when there is a demand for heat caused by the timer or thermostat. Once the message is received, the PCB delivers the message that heat is required, but its work does not stop there. The PCB also completes vital safety checking, ensuring that the exhaust fan is operating prior to allowing any gas to be ignited, for example. If you cannot find the specific Saunier Duval combi boiler spare parts that you require, please contact our team, who will be happy to advise you on the best and safest way to complete your boiler repair, including potentially sourcing parts if they are available. It is essential that any Saunier Duval boiler parts purchased are installed by a competent and Gas Safe qualified engineer, in order to ensure that your boiler remains safe once repaired.

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