Anton Industrial Services Ltd has recently been acquired by Halma plc, which is the parent of Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd. Crowcon are the manufacturer of the market-leading 'Sprint' range of flue gas analysers. The Anton Flue Gas analyser is one of the most popular on the market. The Anton Flue Gas analyser is able to determine CO:CO2 ratios as well as the individual levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Oxygen (O2). The Anton Pro2 offers double protection, preventing any damage from condensate ingress, and the water stop technology reduces downtime. The high-contrast screen makes your measurements crystal clear, and colour prompts and warnings alert you to any issues. This iteration of the Anton gas analyser is more robust than its predecessor, and the ergonomic design ensures that the device is easier to hold. In addition, courtesy of the upgraded pump system, there is an increased flow rate. The Pro2 allows the user to adjust the device as necessary should future testing requirements change. There is a USB interface allowing data to be transferred to a PC or data can be printed 'in-situ' on a compatible printer via the unique communication interface. The Anton Flue Gas Analyser (Pro2) is a comprehensive, adaptable, and cost-effective combustion gas analyser, making it is ideal for a range of professional applications. The Anton Sprint eVo range The Sprint eVo Range of analysers boasts improved screen technology, better software, and a unique moisture extraction system. They are designed to make the work of the heating engineer easier and ensure properties remain safe. Anton also manufacture a range of Manometers for conducting domestic pressure tests as well as a number of gas leak detectors, also known as sniffers. The Anton gas sniffer range includes the AGM55 and the AGP45. The AGM55 is robust and simple to use and is able to detect any combustible gases, down to 10ppm Methane. There are audio and visual alarm indicators, an LED searchlight, and a robust sensor head enclosure. The AGM55 is powered by 3 AA (1.5v) batteries. The AGP45 is a compact and affordable Combustible Gas Leak Detector that is perfect for rapid, initial checks. It has audio and visual alarm indicators, adjustable tick rate, LED searchlight and a belt pouch - and runs on 2 AA (1.5v) batteries. Spares; We offer a number of Anton gas analyser spares to help you get your analyser up-and-running as quickly as possible. If you order an in-stock item before 2pm, we can get it despatched that day so you will receive it the next business day.

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