Space Ray Gas Heaters

Space Ray infrared gas heaters are designed to create a heat source which feels very similar to sitting in the sun. Due to the way in which infrared light works, it is invisible to the naked eye, but gets absorbed by our clothes, skin, and other objects around us, which is how an infrared heater warms us up. Similar to the way in which it always feels warmer in direct sunlight than it does in the shade, Space Ray infrared gas heaters only warm up areas which are directly accessible to the heater, items further away or shielded from the infrared light will not be heated. As you may expect with such specialised pieces of equipment, it is vital to ensure that when an infrared heater breaks down, component parts are only replaced by the correct Space Ray infrared gas heater parts. Different manufacturers produce their heaters with different specifications and designs, and as such, only the genuine Space Ray infrared gas heater parts for the exact model purchased will be appropriate. Space Ray infrared gas heater parts are available for a range of different models, including residential garage or patio heaters, which can help keep outdoor or semi outdoor areas at a comfortable temperature all year round, allowing the garden to be used far more frequently than ever before. Industrial heaters include those used in the keeping of poultry and other agricultural contexts. Whether you need components for a residential infrared heater or an infrared industrial gas heater Space Ray parts are available from our product catalogue.

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