Heating System Programmers

The programmer is an essential part of any central heating system, allowing accurate control of on and off times for heating and hot water. Our range includes simple boiler timers with an electro-mechanical dial offering basic control of the heating system.

Boiler programmers also offer more sophisticated operation with digital displays. These give you the advantage of additional accuracy and a greater number of on/off cycles in a 24 hour period, so you have much more control over your system. You can control your heating and hot water separately so that in the summer months you can turn off the heating while still enjoying hot water on demand.

Some models also allow you to set different times for different days, so you can vary when the heating comes on at the weekend, for example. There's always a manual override too, so if you need heat or hot water at times when the system would normally be off, you can get it at the press of a button or flick of a switch.

We stock boiler programmers from a number of well known and respected brands including Honeywell and Horstmann so you should be able to find the ideal solution for your needs.

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