Rangemaster Cooker Spares

We can source almost all Rangemaster spare parts and replacement components, so if you do not see the item you require listed here simply call our experienced customer service desk to find you the part you need. The Rangemaster parts we can supply to keep your hob, hotplate and grill cooking happily include thermocouples, flame failure devices, grill elements, hotplate elements, burner caps, flame spreaders, burner electrodes, pan supports and grill pans. We can also supply a full range of Rangemaster cooker parts including the control knobs, oven thermometers, timer units, door catches, injectors, gaskets, fan elements and motors, oven lamps, door seals, LPG converter kits, timer buttons, ignition switches, baffle panels, door glass, oven shelves, door handles and striker pins. A common issue with all hobs and ovens is a thermocouple failure. Although the job can be fiddly they are straightforward to replace. The purpose of a thermocouple is to measures heat. The most important reason is to detect whenever a gas flame goes out, perhaps because of a simmering pan boiling over. It will then switch off the gas supply until the jets can be safely relit. A thermocouple fault will prevent you from lighting an oven, wok burner or gas burner, or keeping it lit if you manage to ignite it. Like almost all the Rangemaster parts we supply, our Rangemaster Wok Thermocouples (FLP060044) are genuine Rangemaster spare parts that fit most wok-equipped Rangemasters and also several models of Flavel, Falcon and Leisure appliances. If you are in any doubt about identifying the correct Rangemaster parts you need (or have queries about other brands) simply pick up the phone and we can quickly check and confirm the compatible part for you.

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