Fire Accessories

Nothing welcomes us more into a home than the warming crackle of a fire, with our range of fire accessories ensuring you have all you need for the renovation or maintenance of your stove or fireplace. At Heating & Plumbing World, we provide everything you need to maintain, enjoy and make the most of your fire. Our accessories range comprises a multitude of products and applications, from grate and stove polishes and paints to finishing products and fans. Our diverse range of electric fire accessories contains all you need for your electric fire. Manufactured to the highest standard from the best materials, our accessories will suit your home no matter what your decor or style. From simple storage solutions to all your essentials, you are spoilt for choice by our wide selection. For a traditional gas fire, we have an extensive range of classic gas fire accessories to keep your fire roaring all evening. Available in a wide range of colours, materials and finishes, our accessories ensure you keep your hearth a unique focal point of your home. Our heat powered stove fan is extremely eco-friendly, as it does not require any electricity or batteries; instead, it creates its own power from the heat produced by the stove. Adjusting automatically in response to the temperatures of your stove, this innovative fan ensures that warm air is efficiently dispersed throughout your home. Our stove and grate polish brings an old stove or grate back to its sparkling best with minimum effort. Our polish creates a brilliant shine on even the dullest of stoves and can even cover minor scratches with a lustrous finish that improves your appliance's appearance.
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