Dimplex Solid Fuel Stoves

Solid fuel stoves are becoming increasingly popular, with sales rising substantially over the past few years.

There are many reasons to opt for a solid fuel stove including low running costs, reduced condensation and mould, good availability, convenience, choice and flexibility.

Some examples of solid fuels that can be used in these stoves include wood (hard or soft), manufactured log briquettes, hexamine, peat, coal (lignite, anthracite) and manufactured smokeless fuel.

Two of the most popular solid fuel stoves on the market are the Dimplex Westcott 12 and Dimplex Westcott 8. Both of these Dimplex solid fuel stoves come with a 10-year warranty for greater peace of mind.

The Dimplex Westcott 12 solid fuel stove is a high-quality, freestanding stove featuring double-doors and an airwash system (to keep the glass doors clear). It can be used for burning wood or manufactured smokeless fuels and offers excellent efficiency and clean burning. It is suitable for top or rear flue and comes with a choice of handles in black or brushed steel. The Dimplex Westcott 12 generates a heat output of 12.1kW and weighs a hefty 136kg.

The Dimplex Westcott 8 solid fuel stove is smaller than the Westcott 12 (with single rather than double-doors), but has many of the same features. Its heat output is around 8kW and it weighs in at 90kg.

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