Marble & Granite Fire Surrounds

Rooms without a fireplace can feel cold, even when the temperature is comfortable. Many people adapt the fireplace for gas or electric fires or use the niche for shelving or a TV. As the centrepiece of the room, a fireplace needs to be special and few materials are as desirable, or durable, as stone.

Many types of stone can be used, even amethyst if you have the budget, but there are good reasons for choosing a marble fire surround or granite fire surround. Marble and granite are harder than limestone and come in wide ranges of colour and patterning.

Although homeowners appreciate the textures offered by stone, a disadvantage is that every piece can be different. Luckily manufacturers now offer "micro marble" and similar granite composites. These are reformed from smaller pieces and therefore more reliable in finish and cheaper.

A marble fire surround made of micro marble has plenty of texture and subtle colouring. Because the polished pieces are oriented differently, they produce a marvellous sheen as the light reflects in different directions. Creamy colours are popular but marble also comes in deeper tans and with threads of gold.

A popular colour for a granite fire surround is simply black. Granite is available in other colours too but black is perfect for accentuating other room colours or for harmonising in a Victorian period setting.

Leading producers include Axon, Be Modern, Cast Tec, and Percy Doughty. Modern surrounds can often accommodate concealed lighting to keep the spotlight on your centrepiece.

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