Boiler Flue & Accessories

Flues get hot, and their waste gases contain carbon dioxide, monoxide, and sulphuric acid. As a result, a boiler flue, flue liner, chimney flue or flue guard can corrode. This is especially true of condenser boilers that aren’t capturing condensate effectively. If the flue pipe is not intact, toxic gases can back-flow into the house. A balanced boiler flue also provides the air for combustion; without a reliable airflow, it will start generating carbon monoxide, excessive carbon dioxide and moisture inside the home. You cannot conceal your flue terminal because it must be easily accessible for air flow and service inspections, but by law, the majority of boiler flue terminals must be protected by a mesh terminal guard to prevent them from being blocked by birds, wasp nests, wind-blown debris or snow.

Our flue accessories and supplies include suitable replacement parts for any boiler flue, twin wall flue, flue liner, chimney flue, flue guard or condensate guard including boiler flashing kits. Plastic coated guards are often available in attractive colours and are more resistant to the acidic outflows of condensing boilers than zinc. Stainless steel is an ideal material that will never rust or stain brickwork.

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