Reznor heaters provide a robust solution for your heating needs, but that does not mean they are bulletproof. These reliable devices will eventually fail after extended usage. Fortunately, Reznor heater spares are consistently available in our online shop. So, how can you troubleshoot a failing heating system? Firstly, turn off the gas supply to the heating appliance to test if the gas valve is working correctly. Reset the thermostat to a higher value than room temperature and locate the actual heating unit. If you notice a flame-up then the gas valve is leaking and it requires a replacement. Still, that does not mean the actual heating unit is functional. This is why you need to service and replace any worn-out components with our Reznor gas heater parts. However, you might not always source the root of the problem so easily. In this case, you will need to open the manual gas valve and check if the gas is flowing to the pilot. Set the thermostat to a lower temperature than the room, allowing a lapse of about a minute. If the appliance attempts to source fuel, the Honeywell gas valve is working correctly. If not, try refurbishing the heater with our Reznor heater spares. In case you're dealing with a garage heater, check out our Reznor garage heater parts. If all the above steps fail, turn on the main gas control valve then adjust the thermostat higher than room temperature. Confirm the voltage that should be flowing through the control valve circuit then test the actual voltage in the device. If there's a significant difference, replace the valve. If not, seek the services of an electrician in addition to our Reznor heater spares for professional repairs. We also stock Reznor garage heater parts.

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