Freezebreaker (Anti Freeze) 5Litre BFZ003

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Kamco Freezebreaker (Anti Freeze) 5Litre BFZ003
Kamco Freezebreaker (Anti Freeze) 5Litre BFZ003
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  • Low toxicity mono propylene glycol based antifreeze to BS6580, for heating and cooling systems, effective down to -32oC.
  • Protects systems even at extremes of low temperature.
  • Protects systems from burst pipes and radiators.
  • Low toxicity.
  • Suitable for multi-material systems, including iron, steel, copper, brass, aluminium, and plastic.
  • Excellent heat transfer properties.
  • Low flammability.

Technical specification:

  • Specific gravity @   15.5oC:                       1.05
  • Refractive index:                                      1.43
  • Ash content:                                            <0.15
  • Flash point (closed   cup):                        110o min.
  • Water content (wt, max):                         4%
  • (Karl Fischer) pH of 50% solution:                 7.5
  • Boiling point:                                            155oC min.