Nerrad Vipergrip Pump Pliers 7" NTVPRG180

Nerrad Vipergrip Pump Pliers 7" NTVPRG180
We asked fellow plumbers: “What could we do with our Pump Pliers to make your life that little bit easier?” Although there wasn’t much to improve, the one request was for an adjustment that would never slip. As a result, we came up with a ‘push button’ design which allows for precise, fine increments. We’re pleased with them and believe that you will be too. Available as a set of 3: NTVPRG3SET or individually: The NTVPRG180, NTVPRG240 and NTVPRG300 Length: 7? Max jaw width: 43mm Length: 10? Max jaw width: 55mm Length: 12? Max jaw width: 75mm