Oil De-Aerators

The role of an oil de aerator is to take any air or gas bubbles out of the oil burner, which is an integral part of an oil-run de aerator central heating system. There are various versions available, catering for particular types of oil-based fuel (a mix and match between oil, kerosene and biofuel) and for all budgets. They also vary in the sizing of the BSP Inlet/Outlet. The key benefits of an oil heating boiler de aerator include reducing the risk of oil bubbles that cause damage to the nozzle and pump, reducing the level of soot, and extending both the efficiency of the system and its lifespan. Some oil heating de aerators offer extra benefits, such as heating the oil, which helps avoid the combustion hiccups cold oil can trigger while also using less fuel. Others offer a singular pipe so surplus oil is used efficiently, or a particle filter with adjustable options. The principal brands of oil heating de aerators on the market are TigerLoop (regular, combi, plus and bio versions), Afriso, GS-Pro Fi, Nuway, Worcester 3K, and Gok. Some brands have specific requirements or benefits, such as the Afriso fuel oil de-aerator, which works best if used with oil that has no more than 20% fatty acid methyl ester, or the Gok version, which can be mounted indoors. Some brand models must be installed outside for safety reasons.
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