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Kingspan Cylinders & Expansion Vessels

Kingspan Cylinders

Nearly every home will need some form of water cylinder, be it a...
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Kingspan Cylinders

Nearly every home will need some form of water cylinder, be it a small or a large one. Some cylinders will be vented whilst others will be unvented. The difference is in the way they are supplied with water. A vented cylinder has to be fed from a cold water cistern tank, which is usually kept in the loft, and the water is gravity fed via a vent pipe to the hot water cylinder which is generally installed in an airing cupboard on a lower level. An unvented cylinder differs in that is connected directly to the mains. This means that there is no need for a cold water tank. The pressure of your water should also be higher. Both vented and unvented cylinders can either be heated directly or indirectly. There are a number of Kingspan cylinders available to choose from. All Kingspan cylinders are made from Duplex stainless steel. Kingspan cylinders offer great reliability, functionality, and excellent value for money. Kingspan hot water cylinders hold from 90 to 210 litres and are available in slimline, standard upright, and even horizontal models. The Kingspan unvented cylinder is designed to heat water using electricity via two 3kW emersion heaters, one of which is able to be used in conjunction with low tariff/off-peak electricity Some of the Kingspan hot water cylinders feature a built-in thermal expansion space, removing the need for an external expansion vessel. But Kingspan also offer single zone and twin zone pre-plumbed expansion vessels. Every Kingspan expansion vessel is fitted with the key components and is “pre-plumbed”, meaning they can be up and running in no time.

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