Kingspan Twin Coil Cylinders

The Kingspan twin coil cylinder range are solar indirect hot water cylinders that incorporate two heating coils-in-coil heat exchangers. The primary coil should be connected to a solar powered heating system (such as flat plate collectors or evacuated tube systems). The secondary coil serves as a backup heating source by connecting it to a conventional boiler powered by gas, electricity or oil. As an additional guarantee, each Kingspan twin coil cylinder also incorporate a 3 kilowatt immersion heater that can be used either as a supplemental or alternative heat source. The Kingspan twin coil cylinder is available in sizes from 180 litres (gross overall size) up to 300 litres, (180ltrs, 210ltrs, 250ltrs, 300ltrs). As well as helping you improve your energy efficiency, they are designed to deliver reliable hot water at high flow rates and mains water pressure (regulated at up to 3 bar). If the stored water capacity is exhausted their multiple sources of energy ensure a fast reheat time. The insulation is very effective and uses material that is guaranteed CFC free. Constructed from high quality materials throughout, the duplex stainless-steel body is guaranteed against corrosion for 25 years. Kingspan’s two coil cylinders are ideal for homes that need a hot water supply that is adequate to quickly fill a large bath, serve multiple bathrooms or provide enough pressure for a powerful shower. They help you maintain the required flow and pressure even when several hot water outlets are opened at the same time. The package includes all the accessories you need for installation, including an inlet control set, temperature & pressure relief valves, 15mm/22mm tundish, 25 litre expansion vessel, 3kW immersion heater coil, 2-port valve and a dual thermostat.

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