Kingspan Aerocyl Heat Pump

Kingspan Aerocyl cylinders are part of the Albion range. Some are designed to be used with a heat pump alone, and others with a solar thermal system using a heat pump for additional input. Kingspan Aerocyl heat pump & solar cylinders are available in sizes from 180 litres to 300 litres. Heat-pump only Kingspan Aerocyl cylinders are available from 150 litres to 300 litres. Aerocyl Heat Pump cylinders are intended specifically to use with heat pumps and are not approved for connection to other main sources of heat. However, when the input from a heat pump proves insufficient it can be topped up with an immersion heater. If a greater volume of hot water is needed, all Kingspan Aerocyl heat pump & solar cylinders can be supplemented with a buffer tank. This allows the heat pump to store excess heat, improving energy efficiency and protecting the main storage from cooling. BS 6700 suggests the following cylinders depending on rooms and baths. 210ltrs for a 2-3 bed house with a standard bathroom. 250ltrs for a 3-4 bed house. 300ltrs for a 4-5 bed house. When there are two bathrooms, scale up one size - therefore 250ltrs for a 2-3 bed property. For larger houses or additional bathrooms, fit the largest available. Also, remember that larger sizes can be needed to service extra-large baths or powerful showers. Appropriate expansion vessels for Kingspan Aerocyl heat pump & solar cylinders are as follow; for a150ltr cylinder use a 12ltr vessel, for 180-250 litres fit a 19ltr vessel, and for a 300ltr cylinder use a 24ltr vessel. We can procure whichever Kingspan Albion Aerocyl cylinder you require as well as all original replacement parts and accessories including immersion heater coils, thermostats (control, high limit, dual), inlet control sets, 2-port valves, temperature and pressure relief valves, wall mounting kits, and expansion vessels.

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