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Aquaboost iBoost

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Aquaboost iBoost

Ideally suited to high occupancy properties with multiple bathrooms and water using appliances.

Aquaboost iBoost provides a boosted cold water supply of up to 100 litres per minute and up to 4.5 bar pressure, with a typical performance of 60 litres per minute at
3.0 bar pressure.

This reliable compact system will sit neatly within any standard 600 mm kitchen larder cupboard or alongside other household white goods.

In addition to the standard iBoost  CAT 3/4 model, the iBoost  CAT 5 option features a weir overflow making it suitable for use in applications where the risk of backflow contamination from Category 5 fluids exists.

Both iBoost models are available with either fixed speed or variable speed pump controls.

The optional iBoost +200 expansion storage tank allows the stored water capacity of an iBoost system to be expanded to 400 litres.

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