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Stuart Pressurisation Units

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Stuart Pressurisation Units

Stuart Digital Units Offer a unique monocoque design and advanced digital controls, the Stuart range of digital pressurisation units represent the next generation of automatic filling and pressure maintenance solutions for sealed heating and chiller systems.

They are capable of filling a system from new and then monitoring and maintaining the design fill pressure in sealed systems, Stuart Digital Pressurisation Units are exceptionally easy to install and commission and are housed in compact and robust enclosures suitable for either floor or wall mounting.

Units are available with one (duty), or two (duty-standby) premium quality, continuously rated pumps.

Utilising an unique microprocessor controller, pressure transducer monitoring and water level sensing, these systems feature intuitive, easy to use controls, self diagnostic functions, configurable volt-free contact alarm outputs and a BMS Modbus interface.

Engineered and manufactured by Stuart Turner.

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