Water Pumps & Fittings

At Heating and Plumbing World UK, our range of excellent water pumps parts, pipes and fittings provide all you need for your plumbing projects. Our extensive range of submersible water pumps are resilient, reliable and robust, and are suitable for pumping either dirty or clean water.

Our pumps can be utilised in many different scenarios, on a light industrial, commercial or domestic scale. For your home project needs, select from our range of hot water pump options, which provide hot water on-demand to efficiently meet the needs of the household. Our range of hot water pump equipment ensures that hot water is reliably supplied throughout the home, where hot water is immediately available as soon as a tap is turned on. As one of the UK's leading suppliers of hot water pumps, we stock an extensive choice of the leading brands in spare parts.

Our online store stocks all the essential items you may need for your project, including flanges, union kits and terminal boxes. Our diverse range of high-quality heat pumps and central heating pumps spare parts are essential for circulating water precisely through domestic water systems. We offer a wide range of pumps with varying efficiency and flow performance to ensure that our water pumps perfectly suit the requirements of your project. Working with the boiler, valves and thermostats, our pumps ensure sufficient heat is supplied to your home. We provide an excellent selection spares, parts and tools at competitive prices, for any project, installation or repair work on any scale.

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