Reflex 0.16 Litre Potable Vessel PV016C


How it works.

In a closed hot water circuit, the water cannot be compressed so any increase in volume, created by an increase in temperature, has to be accommodated by an expansion vessel. When water is cold, the pre-charge pressure forces the bladder to collapse until the pump is started when the bladder starts to inflate. As the temperature in the system increases, with the associated increase in pressure and volume, the expanded water enters the bladder creating additional volume and lowering the pressure. When the temperature decreases, the pre-charge pressure forces the water from the bladder and back into the main water circuit.


Manufactured in Noryl plastic or stainless steel Pre-pressurised air chamber with synthetic rubber compound bladder. The internal surface of the vessels in contact with the water are resistant to corrosion, thus maintaining water quality. External surfaces are black or a natural finish for stainless steel. Suitable for temperatures up to 90 ̊C, resistant to ethylene orpropylene glycol mixtures and has low gas permeability.

Technical data.

Max. working pressure:10 bar Max. system temperature: 90 ̊C2 litre 70 ̊CPre-charge pressure: 0.16 litre 3.5 bar 0.5 litre1 bar 1.0 litre 1.9 bar 2.0 litre 4 bar - nitrogen WRAS approved products