Reflex 600 Litre Heating Expansion Vessel with legs HV600W


Design Reflex 600 Litre Heating Expansion Vessel with legs HV600W

The vessel is fabricated by welding the various sections together which results in a very reliable structure suitable for internal pressures up to 6bar. Non-replaceable diaphragm Epoxy coated in grey. Suitable for flow temperatures up to 120 ̊C, resistant to ethylene orpropylene glycol mixtures and has low gas permeability.

How It Works

In a closed heating system water cannot be compressed so any increase in volume, created by an increase in temperature, has to be accommodated by an expansion vessel. When water is cold, the pre-charge pressure forces the diaphragm against the tank towards the inlet. As the temperature increases, the expanded water volume pushes against the diaphragm creating additional volume for the water to enter. When the temperature decreases, the pre-charge pressure forces thewater from the tank and back into the main heating system. This maintains a constant pressure within the heating system helping to reduce energy consumption.

Technical Specification

  • Max. working pressure6 bar
  • Max. vessel operating temperature 70 ̊C
  • Factory pre- charge1.5 bar - nitrogen