GRP Water Storage Tanks

Water storage tanks are an important element in central heating and sanitary systems. They will usually be either hot or cold, although some properties may have both types. Cold water storage tanks These provide cold water for central heating systems as well as taps and toilets. In central heating systems, this water is subsequently heated and distributed to the required destination. Cold tanks tend to be found mostly in older homes and are often located in the loft. Tank capacity can range from 4 gallons to over 100. If you have a combi-boiler, you won’t need a cold water tank. Cold tanks are now made mostly from plastic but, in the past, galvanized steel and even asbestos were used. Cold tanks usually have a tight-fitting lid and a screen to prevent insects from contaminating the water. Polytank storage tanks are the most recognised brand in the UK. They have been in production for over 45 years and offer the only kite-marked tanks on the market. Hot water tanks/cylinders These large tanks are used to store hot water for domestic, and sometimes commercial, use. Correctly insulated cylinders can retain heat for substantial periods of time. The most common type of insulation is a special ‘blanket’ made from fibreglass with a vinyl coating. Traditionally, hot water tanks/cylinders have been made of copper but, more recently, stainless steel has become popular. Stainless steel is far more durable than Copper. Hot water tanks/cylinders tend to be found in airing cupboards or lofts. Some of the leading manufacturers of hot water cylinders include Kingspan, Gledhill, and Everflo.
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