Space Ray Flue Kits

Flue kits are an essential part of maintaining a safe boiler and central heating system. Boilers need a direct vent to the outside, to ensure that all harmful gases including carbon monoxide are not given the opportunity to build up within the home. If a boiler is located on an external wall, venting is relatively straightforward through ventilation which can be built into the brickwork. If a boiler is not close by to an exterior wall, a flue kit can be used to vent harmful gases up through the chimney. Kits such as the Space Ray Flue Kits come in a range of different sizes and configurations to help not only expel the gases to the outside air, but to chase them through the home to the exterior vent. Even if your boiler is able to vent directly into a chimney breast, items from Space Ray Flue Kits installed within the chimney can help to protect the structure of the chimney. Space Ray flue kits consist of rolled metal sheets which can be fixed or placed within the chimney. This can limit the chances of tiles being cracked within the chimney, avoiding costly maintenance down the line, whilst also providing superior quality ventilation. If a chimney is not designed as a straight vertical vent, it is possible to purchase parts such as a 45 or 90 degree elbow, to enable your flue to match the shape of the chimney. Flue caps also stop rain or other debris from entering your system.

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