Underfloor Heating

We have an extensive range of underfloor heating products available for industry-leading prices from two of the best-known and highly regarded manufacturers: Polypipe and Pipelife. You’ll find a broad selection of underfloor heating fittings and underfloor heating pipes that make identifying the right product for needs incredibly easy to find. If you do have any questions about underfloor heating installation, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll walk you through underfloor heating’s pros and cons and one of our team will help you to find a long-lasting solution to even the most trying Polypipe underfloor heating problems. You can find an underfloor heating kit that is a perfect match for your project from the Heating and Plumbing product range. We only stock the highest quality items for your floor heating system, whether you are looking for underfloor heating pipes or clips, amongst other underfloor heating products, we have you covered. There are numerous benefits to investing in underfloor heating; not only will it give you the design freedom to limit wall radiators maximising the space in your home. It is also suitable for every room type and could save you money in the long run on heating bills as well as increasing energy efficiency throughout the property. In addition to this, the added comfort from warming a large surface at a lower temperature compared to a high-temperature ‘point heating’ identified with radiators will be much more soothing. If you have any questions please get in touch today and one of our specialist team members will be able to assist you!