Fire Surrounds


Add charm and personality to any room in your home with Heating and Plumbing World’s fire surrounds. Whether you choose a surround and mantelpiece made from wood or marble, rest assured each item has been carefully selected by our specialist’s from leading brands within the industry.

We pride ourselves on choosing the best quality products for our customers and our fire surrounds are suitable for use with open and gas fires as well as electric fires throughout your home. The fire surrounds at Heating and Plumbing World are available in a variety of materials to complement any decor. Each material whether it be wood or marble granite is available in various styles to suit many spaces within your home.

Our solid oak surround is one of the more popular choices as well as our great selection of stone fireplace surrounds and mantels. Find a style that suits your living space, from contemporary to more traditional interiors, you will find many suitable products at Heating and Plumbing World that we are sure you’ll be happy with.

The quality parts we supply are all manufacturer approved to ensure you are purchasing a product that is safe and durable. We have multiple fire surrounds for sale and supply thousands of plumbing tools and accessories to many satisfied heating and plumbing professionals and homeowners, making us one of the leading suppliers in the UK.

How are fire surrounds fixed to the wall?

A fire surround is generally affixed to the wall using right angled brackets. The size and quantity of these are very much determined by the size and weight of the material your fire surround is made from. Ensure that you use the correct sized screws and brackets for your particular surround.

How much to replace fire surround?

The cost for replacing a fire surround clearly depends on the work required. If a modern surround is being swapped out for a new one, the cost may be minimal. If an older brick surround is being replaced, then the cost of removing the bricks and making good will need to be taken into account.

How do you know what size fire surround to buy?

The main factor you need to consider when determining the size of fire surround you need to buy is the width of your chimney breast. The mantel of your chosen surround should be narrower than your chimney breast. You should also consider the overall impact on the room.

How to fit a limestone fire surround?

The first step is to prepare the surface by cleaning it and levelling it off. You should then install a stress crack membrane and install the Limestone on the hearth. Then cut the Limestone to fit, install the Limestone on the wall, grout the seams, and seal the Limestone fireplace surround.

How to fit a gas fire and surround?

Firstly, place the back panel onto the hearth then place the surround centrally onto the hearth. Next, fit the surround to the wall using brackets, affix the back panel centrally (aligned with the inside legs of the surround). Finally, fill any gaps with plaster mix, and fit the gas fire into the back panel opening.

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